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Empowered by Divine Growth Foundation

Hello,   My name is Rebecka Perfitt, and I am the owner of Divine Growth LLC. In this company, I have two roles. The first is, I am a Trauma Yoga Therapist. The second role is Parent Support Specialist in which I oversee and teach birth parents best ways to parent their children in 1:1 parenting paired with visitation they have while their children are involved in foster care.  


My mission is to help families involved with Child and Family Services (Foster Care) repair and stop generational trauma cycles. I teach parents mindful ways to heal their trauma and meet their personal needs in positive ways. This is the foundation in repairing their family. Once parents are actively working through their own trauma and learning to meet their own needs, they become aware of their child’s needs and begin to learn the skills needed to help their child(ren) heal as well. During my visits with birth parents and their children, I repeatedly witness how the child’s mind and body are dysregulated during our time together. I have researched ways on how to help families with mind and body skills to help dysregulated emotions. One way I believe is to provide a Calming Room for visitation.  


There are many benefits to having a Calming Room available to my clients. Having a Calming Room would provide an opportunity to access a variety of tools and techniques to combat strong emotions and stress that prevent both parents and children from focusing on learning. This would help teach parents mindful parenting and emotional regulation skills. The equipment in the Calming Room is specifically tailored to help create felt safety for both parent and children, which is a fundamental need for families with trauma. If we want our children to cooperate with us (and decrease power struggles), regulate emotions (work through meltdowns), and learn new skills (like impulse control) then they must first feel safe. In a Calming Room, children come to know that they can count on that time with their parents and that they can feel what they feel without shame or blame. These intentional interactions build trust not only with the parents, but within the children. It meets children’s need for connection. Unlike a timeout where children are sent to isolation with their feelings, a Calming Room is one where co-regulation happens as they work together through difficult emotions.  


A Calming Room can cost between $12,000-$20,000. 

Equipment costs are found at:

Empowered by Divine Growth Foundation is asking for donations to help build a Calming Room for families who come to work with Divine Growth LLC. With your donation, you will get to be a part of changing families. You will be recognized with your name on the Calming Room door and a tax-deductible receipt. You can also send a tax-deductible check to Empowered By Divine Growth at 100 N 27th Street Suite 450 Billings, MT 59101

If you would like to help purchase items, please click on amazon link.

Thank you for your consideration.  




Rebecka Perfitt 


100 N 27th Street Suite 450

Billings Mt, 59101

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